Frequently Asked Questions


  • Homework is due once per week at 11:59 PM on Monday. Submission via Autolab. See the homework site for further details.

  • Results will be made accessible on blackboard (since it has the right mechanism for sharing this stuff privately).

  • You can be late twice for up to one week each. It doesn't matter whether you're late for an hour or a week. Any additional delay means no credits for this homework. This is the case since we don't want students to see the solutions before submitting the homework.

  • You are encouraged to cooperate but you must not copy! If you copy, you will get no credits. We will not try very hard do find out whether your homework is the original or the copy. Don't jeopardize your friends’ homework by plagiarizing it.

  • We will aim to alternate between practical and theoretical homeworks. You'll have more time for the programming tasks. It is OK if you submit your homework early, i.e. even a few weeks early.


  • Projects are for 3 students each. Given the fact that the number of students may not be divisible by 3, you may form groups of 2 or 4. However, this is strongly discouraged. A small group is at risk as soon as one bails. A large group is expected to deliver more.

  • Discuss the project with your TAs.

  • Team formation must be complete by January 28, 2015. Email to TAs to register your team. Post on Piazza if you need teammates.

  • Teams of 1 are not OK. The entire point of the project is that you hone your teamwork skills. Otherwise it would be called homework.

  • Project proposals are due on February 9, 2015. You must submit a two page summary. Use the ACM Template for two-column papers.

  • Project presentations are likely on April 27 and 29.


  • Midterm exam is on March 4, 2015

  • Final exam is on May 5, 2015

  • You must not use computers, tablets, or smartphones. A programmable calculator will almost certainly not help you, unless you're a programming genius.

  • You can bring a stack of up to 10 inch of paper. More paper will make it harder to find what you're looking for.

Auditing and waitlist

  • If you need audit credit only, you only need to do the homework. However, there is not reason why you couldn't participate in the projects (or the exams, if you're really keen).

  • If you're on the waitlist, keep on submitting homework like everyone else. However, you should note that you're on the waitlist on your submission. Once you're accepted, we'll credit the homework retroactively.

  • Obviously, nobody can guarantee that you'll be able to enrol. But there's a very high chance.


  • Ask questions there first. It is very likely that you're not the only one asking the same questions.

  • The TAs will aim take care of answering the questions.