Course Projects

Introduction to Machine Learning - 10-701/15-781


The project proposal is a short description of the project you'll do for the course. Include:

  • a title

  • Andrew ids of the group members

  • a short description of your proposed project (about a page), including descriptions of any datasets you'll need for it and whether you already have access to them

Submit it on the submission site here. It's due by noon on Friday, October 11.

Midway Report

The midway report should contain the following information, structured roughly in this way:

Introduction [6 pts]

  • Motivation [2 pts]

    • What is the Problem

    • Why is it important

    • Brief outline of Solution

    • Why is this reasonable

  • Background and Related Work [4 pts]

    • Background Material

    • Related Work

Method [8 pts]

  • Detailed and precise description of method

  • This should be complete with equations, optimization procedure, and how you plan on evaluating your method

Results [4 pts]

  • Preliminary Results: This can include simulations, or any results you have on your data set.


Conclusion [0 pts]


Appendix [2 pts]

  • Updated Timeline

Note that your midway report should be an extension of your proposal. You are encouraged to reuse material from your proposal when writing your midway report.

Formatting and Submission

Please use NIPS format when preparing your midway report.

It should be around 4-5 pages in length, and no longer than 5 pages.

Submission is by email to your TA.


We'll have a poster session on Tuesday, December 3rd, from 3pm - 6pm (set up at 2:30). Exact details and requirements forthcoming, but you'll basically give an overview of your work so far to other students and other community members who stop by as well as to the course staff.

SCS people can print posters through Facilities.

Final Report

The final report is essentially an expansion of the interim report, except that:

  • you have up to 8 pages (in NIPS format) to write, not counting references, plus any appendices. You don't have to write this much if it doesn't make sense to do so, but we didn't want to unnecessarily constrain your writing either.

  • new content: the sections listed as “OK to be incomplete” or “not required” in the interim report rubric are (of course) now required.

  • reweighting: the points will be more heavily weighted toward the new material (results, conclusion) than they are in the interim rubric.

Submission is again by email to your TA, by midnight on the night of December 11th.