Extra Credit Assignment

Introduction to Machine Learning - 10-701/15-781

This is an opportunity to earn extra credit for the course. You have the option of preparing and videotaping a 10 minutes lecture on one of the topics on this google doc or on another topic of your choice (as long as it's a Machine Learning topic, not your own work and you have cleared it with one of the TAs).

The maximum possible extra credit that you can obtain will be equivalent to 10 points on the midterm. You will be required to submit the video of your lecture as well as any instructional material you have made (lecture notes, slides etc…).

The topics are generally broad and you will have to pick a sub-topic and focus on it. We will release a more detailed rubric soon but mainly you will be graded on the following points:

  • do you seem to have a grasp of the core concept?

  • did you convey the concept?

  • did you go into enough depth while keeping your topic well-defined enough to be communicated in 10 minutes?

  • were you organized and clear?

  • were your instructional material appropriate for the lecture?

  • did you give context to the problem?

  • did you give an illustrative example?

This assignment will be due on December 12th (at midnight). You can record the lecture using your own camera (or maybe even phone). You should then post the videos on youtube and share them with the TAs (there are multiple privacy options on youtube and you can chose whichever one you want as long as the TAs can see the videos).

Please email Leila by Wednesday 11/27 to say if you are planing to do a lecture, along with your chosen topic. Please have “credit yourAndrewID” be your subject line for organizational purposes.