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Machine Learning for Computational Advertising

UC Santa Cruz, April 22, 2009

Alex Smola
Yahoo Labs, Santa Clara, CA

Lecture 1: Introduction to Machine Learning and Probability Theory

We introduce the concept of machine learning, as it is used to solve problems of pattern recognition, classification, regression, novelty detection and data cleaning. Subsequently we give a primer on probabilities, Bayes rule and inference (hypothesis testing for disease diagnosis).

Lecture 2: Instance Based Learning

We begin with a simple density estimator, Parzen Windows, which can be implemented very easily to perform estimation, as it requires essentially no algorithm to run before it can be used. A simple rule is given how to tune the parameters of the estimator, the Watson-Nadaraya Estimator for classification and regression, we discuss crossvalidation. Examples and applications conclude this lecture.

Lecture 3: The Perceptron and Kernels

A slightly more complex classifier is the Perceptron which produces linear separation of sets. We explain the algorithm, show its properties and implementation details. Subsequently we modify the algorithm to allow for nonlinear separation and multiclass discrimination. This leads us naturally to introduce kernels. Examples of kernels are given. We conclude with an overview of stochastic gradient descent algorithms.


Slides Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3; Assignment


Nothing beyond undergraduate knowledge in mathematics is expected. More specifically, I assume:

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