7:30 Opening remarks
A. J. Smola, S V N Vishwanathan and B. Taskar
7:40 Kernel Methods for Missing Variables
A J. Smola and S V N Vishwanathan and T. Hofmann
8:05 Semidefinite Relaxations for MAP Estimation in Exponential Families
A. J. Smola, R. I. Kondor, S V N Vishwanathan and T. Jebara
8:30 F. Pereira
8:55 coffee break
9:15 A Family of Probabilistic Kernels Based on Information Divergence
A. B. Chan, N. Vasconcelos and P. J. Moreno
9:40 Comparison of Recent Kernel Methods for Graphical Models
Y. Altun
10:05 Spectral and Graphical Models for Graph Matching
T. Caelli and T. Caetano
10:30 discussion
16:00 Decentralized Detection and Marginalized Kernels
X. Nguyen, M. J. Wainwright and M. I. Jordan
16:25 Sparse Multi Gaussian Process Methods
M. Seeger
16:50 Modified Maximum Margin Markov Networks
F. Perez-Cruz, Z. Ghahramani and M. Pontil
17:15 coffee break
17:35 Graphical Object Models for Detection and Tracking
L. Sigal
18:00 Max-Margin Associative Markov nets for 3D vision
B. Taskar
18:25 Large Margin Latent Graphical Models
T. Jebara
18:50 Closing remarks
A. J. Smola, S V N Vishwanathan and B. Taskar