Elefant (Efficient Learning, Large-scale Inference, and Optimization Toolkit) is a Python open source library for machine learning licensed under the Mozilla Public License. The aim is to develop an open source machine learning platform which will become the platform of choice for prototyping and deploying machine learning algorithms.
This toolkit is the common platform for software development in the machine learning team in NICTA. Not all the tools are currently released but many can be found in the developers version with SVN access.

Bundle Methods Solver

BMRM is an open source, modular and scalable convex solver for many machine learning problems cast in the form of regularized risk minimization problem. It is modular because the (problem-specific) loss function module is decoupled from the (regularization-specific) optimization module (e.g. quadratic programming or linear programming solvers), thus shorten the time to implement/prototype solutions to new problems. Besides, the decoupling leads to easier parallelization of the loss function computation. At the moment it solves the following problems:

Collaborative Filtering

Cofirank is our collaborative filtering solver. It is built on top of the bundle method solver. The goal is to predict preferences of users based on past ratings by them and other users. We build upon the approach of Maximum Margin Matrix Factorization, yet extend it in several ways:


This is an old Matlab toolbox that I wrote mainly for my own purpose. Some early versions have been released and the code is now completely unmaintained. It may not even run on a recent version of MATLAB any more. I abandoned the work after the Mathworks increased the price for a license by a factor of 10 because they decided to classify NICTA as an industrial research lab.
Please do not ask me for help with bugfixes or instructions. The code is provided as is. It is released under the GNU Public License.